In Pursuit of Passions in Upper Elementary

As the half-term drew to a close, we witnessed a true flourishing in our Upper Elementary community of learning.  

The Grade Four students certainly found their feet and displayed increasing confidence and a sense of belonging within the setting. Personalities began to emerge and interests came to the forefront. The Grade Five and Six students led by example and demonstrated excellent leadership qualities whilst continuing to show dedication to their learning. It has been a privilege to observe the exceptional enthusiasm that has been displayed as the term has progressed and a joy to see the students inspiring each other with their knowledge and interests. 

In their elective time, the students embarked on many interesting projects; some inspired by recent lessons and others by their own interests or the interests of those around them. 

Students were fascinated to learn about important events in History, particularly World War II. After completing video presentations and newspaper reports for Culture, several intrepid students continued researching the topic independently, creating posters and presentations to share their knowledge. 

Science continues to be a true passion for many. Our Science area is always buzzing with exciting experiments. After planning out areas of inquiry and forming their hypotheses, students have been investigating many topics, including how to create salt crystals, sinking and floating using density towers, and determining the ph levels of soil. 

This year, in particular, we have an abundance of eager Grade Four mathematicians who are keen to develop their skills and solve ever more complex equations. Keeping up with them is the challenge as their confidence grows! Some of the Grade Five and Six students have risen to that challenge by preparing and delivering lessons for the younger students. They exhibited conscientiousness and maturity whilst the younger students gained numerous benefits from learning from their older peers. 

Budding authors continue to write highly imaginative fictional narratives in different genres, which include fantasy stories, superhero sagas and humorous tales. Some students have elected to write a series of short stories while others continue adding chapters, week after week, to their original compositions. We await these literary masterpieces with bated breath! 

Everywhere you turn in Upper Elementary you will witness students exploring their passions with focus and enthusiasm. Long may their love of learning continue. 

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