It’s Cool to Be Kind in LED!

In LED we have a Kindness Chart. When someone does something kind we write in on the board. For example, if a friend got me coloured pencils I would write on the board, “It was kind when a friend got me colours!” The Kindness Chart is to keep track of the nice things people do in class. The definition of Kindness is: A state of being kind.

– Written by LED students V.U. and J.S.

Here are some of the ways the students in LED explained being KIND in their own words:

“Being kind means to be giving.”

“It was kind when my Dad let me be first in tag.”

“My sister was kind when she played with me.”

“It was kind when someone helped me when I fell.”

“Being kind means you are helpful.”

“It is kind if you help someone who has fallen down.”

“If you are caring you are kind.”

“It was kind when A.S. helped me with a piece of work.”

“It is kind to share.”

“Giving nice compliments is kind.”

“It is kind to help people.”

“Being helpful is kind.”

“It was kind when A.S. helped me up.”

“Being kind means giving compliments and making people happy when they are sad.”

“It was kind when the school gave us a pirate ship.”

“You are kind if you help other people.”

“Being kind means to help people up and give them compliments.”

“It was kind when A.M. helped me get over my fear of heights.”

“When H.G. helped me with a piece of work it was kind.”

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