Unlocking Culture and Creativity with Music

Throughout the year, we always make a point to learn about and celebrate different cultures and countries. Since the start of the school year, Upper Elementary students have been filling in their ‘Musical Passports’, where they listen to and learn about traditional music from countries all over the world. In Lower Elementary, this begins through music-listening activities and games, and in Toddler and Casa with movement activities and songs/games. Through learning about different cultures, we learn to respect and embrace our differences. 

As we move through October, into November and December, it is a perfect time to continue this exploration. Celebrations and festivals such as Thanksgiving, Diwali, Hannukah and Christmas are rich in musical offerings. Through song, movement, and musical exploration, we enjoy learning more about them. The Holidays are a time for connecting, and what better way to connect with our friends than by celebrating together, in whatever form that may be? 

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