Exploring Insects and Australasia

The children in Casa 2 have been learning all about Australasia and keenly investigating insects throughout this month!

The children enjoy choosing Culture and Geography materials from the shelves, as these provide individual tasks that enable them to acquire knowledge about the fascinating world around them. The children often work with materials such as three-part cards, and in doing so have the opportunity to classify insects, Australian animals and both natural and man-made places in Australasia. These materials provide plenty of opportunities for the children to sort, read and provide writing extensions. The children have also been able to explore the life cycle of a bug and the parts of a butterfly booklet, which are extensions of three-part card lessons.

The children have also enjoyed making arts and crafts that complement our Cultural theme: they built their own bugs and painted kangaroos in an aboriginal dot-art style. Some of the Second-Year children also enjoyed colouring koala bears and boomerangs using the bright colours from the short bead stair. The Kindergarten children have been working hard on their Australian journals, wherein they carefully write down the fun facts that they are learning about the world down under.

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