Eye-popping Artwork in November

 What a colourful and creative month November has been in Visual Art. The children have been working very hard to complete their projects and start new ones.

The Lower Elementary children were impressive in their bold approach to collage. It was not an easy project as there was a lot of cutting, gluing, painting, as well as an origami boat that had to be made. The outcome of all of their efforts was strikingly beautiful.

Of course, with Halloween having taken place at the end of October, we also made sure to create lots of bats, cats and haunted houses!

The artists in Upper Elementary have been learning about the famous 1960s Pop Artist Roy Lichtenstein. He was best known for his comic book-like paintings where he used thick lines, primary colors and Ben-Day dots. The students explored the Pop Art Movement and created their own comic book-like paintings using an onomatopoeia word inside a bubble. Their Pop Art creations were impressive!

We have also recently started learning about Post Impressionist Artist Paul Cezanne and his still life paintings, and have been examining his Still Life with Apples (1894). Cezanne was fond of painting fruit because he tended to work slowly. He once explained that his choice of fruit as a subject for his still life paintings was purely practical: flowers, he noted, wilt quickly, while fruit remains in good condition for longer. Cezanne painted over 200 paintings of the subject.

Inspired by Cezanne’s ideas and work, we are now in the middle of creating our own version of a fruit bowl. We are very much looking forward to the outcome.

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