Let’s Go for a Ride: Toddlers and Transportation

This month the Toddlers have been learning about various forms of Transportation through the use of puzzles, object models, picture cards, songs and even through experience! We are so thankful to MBTS Spanish teacher Ms. Kate and MBTS parent and resident pilot Mr. Ben for sharing their modes of transportation with our class.

Ms. Kate very graciously presented and gave each Toddler a chance to sit on her scooter, letting each child have a turn to sit on top and honk the horn. We spoke of the importance of wearing a safety helmet any time we ride on something with wheels, and Ms. Kate even showed us how she drives her scooter!

Mr. Ben taught us all about his airplane and being a pilot. We got to watch a video of him flying his airplane, listened to a book about different types of airplanes, and we even got to try on some real helmets and headsets! 

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