Jammin’ with Joy for the Holidays

Project-based learning offers a framework for students to make connections and apply concepts that have been explored. The month of December has been punctuated by an in-class jam project that facilitated the joyful application of a variety of mathematical concepts for the Upper Elementary students.

In groups, the students chose what type of jam they wanted to make and independently researched recipes for their chosen jam. Throughout this collaborative decision-making process, students deliberated the different options and found a consensus to move forward. Once those initial decisions were made, students implemented their mathematical capabilities to calculate the correct amounts of ingredients to make the quantity they needed, and produce a certain amount of jam per person or jar.

The students then had to conceptualize and make labels for their unique jams. This was a creative application for the students to apply ratios and proportions. Students appreciated the technique of drawing an image on a standard piece of paper and having it reduced to a much smaller label size. Students also took it upon themselves to determine the nutritional values of their jams, calculating the quantity of each ingredient per jar to make a ‘nutrient label’ for the jam. 

After the planning, calculations and artwork, it was time for the students to actually make the jam! It was messy and the students had a lot of fun. The students are looking forward to sharing and tasting the jam over the holidays, and we look forward to hearing about how the jams tasted!  

Our holiday “jam session” aptly ushered in the spirit of the season. We wish you all a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and Happy New Year!

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