Research Supports Montessori’s Positive Effects on Long-term Psychological Health and Well-being

A Forbes article recently shone a spotlight on Angelique Lillard’s published research study, “An Association Between Montessori Education in Childhood and Adult Wellbeing.” The study offers evidence that the unique features of Montessori education benefit children of varying backgrounds and demographics, and that “Montessori education may be superior to traditional methods of education, especially on measures relating to students’ long-term psychological health and well-being.”

Lillard notes, “… people who had spent at least two years in Montessori had higher wellbeing than people who never went to Montessori… We also found that the longer one had attended [a Montessori school], the higher their wellbeing…”

Read the Forbes feature here; you can also view this recent interview with Lillard comparing traditional schools with Montessori schools, and her published study in Frontiers of Psychology

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