Leading with Love During Sports Day

It is the most exciting week in the P.E. calendar for the students and for me, with Sports Days happening throughout this week.

While I am very proud of how all the students participate in a sporting capacity, I want to turn the focus of this post and highlight one of my favourite aspects about a Montessori education: the opportunities it provides throughout the years for children to act as mentors and models, and to show general care and kindness towards younger children.

Each year, the Casa Sports Day is when Upper Elementary children really showcase those skills to our school community. The high level at which they can teach, communicate and interact with the younger children – with such confidence and ease – makes most adults stop in awe. The leadership opportunities given and the confidence that has been instilled in them since early years just blossom, once those Upper Elementary students greet their Casa friends at each activity station. The social graces , the self-confidence, integrity, organizational skills, and clear, effective communication I see in that hour from the Grade 4, 5 and 6 students are beyond their years, and I am so proud of how they put their years of being a Montessori student to use. 

Well done and thank you, Upper El students; this is a well deserved shout-out just for you and your efforts!

– Ms. Karen (Physical Education Teacher)

(Please check Transparent Classroom for more photos of Casa Sports Day!)

Of course, the Upper Elementary students also enjoyed their own Sports Day later in the week. They demonstrated so much camaraderie, teamwork and spirit during all of the individual and team events! (Many thanks to Upper Elementary parent, Ms. Dianne, for taking and sharing so many action-packed photos!)

On March 16th, the Lower Elementary children finally got to hold their Sports Day! The children put their exuberance, energy and sports skills to good use as they applied these to both individual and team events. Thank you to all of the families who attended to cheer on the children!

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