The Love is Alive in Casa!

The month of February is definitely a favourite for the children in Casa! They gleefully explored all of the hearts and glitter on our independent art shelf, decorating Valentine’s Day pouches and making “Love Bug” cookies to take home. 

As a class, we spoke in depth about “love” and “compassion,” what these words mean, and how we express them. The students were actually happily surprised to learn all of the ways that they are already practicing these virtues, through their respect for our materials, by nurturing and guiding other students in the class, and by caring for our classroom plants and other living things. 

The beautiful Valentine’s Day display located outside of our classroom definitely enticed the students to write special “Shout Outs” to other students in the school.  They were excited to choose a friend and write down their kind message, and the best part was being able to venture outside the classroom and deposit their mail into the beautiful, red mailbox outside!

We were all feeling the love in February!

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