Exploring Our Continent and Culture in Casa

Despite being a little bit shorter, the month of March was remarkably busy. The children came back refreshed after the Mid-Term break and enjoyed diving straight into our theme of Discoveries and Exploration. 

The children were amazed to learn that in the past, there were no iPhones, iPads, computers or even electricity, and people in ancient times such as the Ancient Egyptians communicated using hieroglyphics. 

Our continent of focus this month was North America, which was very relevant given our island nation’s geographic location. We had lots of fun learning all kinds of interesting facts about the third largest continent in size. For example, did you know that North America is only made up of 23 countries but is the fourth most populous continent in the world? This particular fact sparked lots of discussion and also gave us the opportunity to take a closer look at the small island we live on and make comparisons to the vastness of other North American countries like the USA and Canada. 

We enjoyed celebrating the Cayman National Cultural Foundation’s Dress for Culture Day and were happy that so many students participated by dressing up, wearing hats, sporting colors and bringing food that represented different countries. Our flag parade around the playground, in front of a cheering audience of Lower Elementary students and members of staff, encouraged the Casa children to wave their flags proudly. There were so many varieties of food to try at our Cultural Picnic that we served the foods in two batches, saving the sweeter items to sample in the afternoon. Most of the students were eager to try even the smallest bite of each snack or treat. 

The children so enjoyed the Field Trip to the Blue Iguana Sanctuary at the Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park. The children listened and observed intently during the guided tour of the Blue Iguana Conservation area and were excited to get a close look at these beautiful, endangered species. There were lots of curious questions asked and thoughtful connections and comparisons to the dinosaurs we learnt about last month. 

In April we will be exploring our Precious Planet and learning what each one of us can do to Keep Our Earth Green. 

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