Enchanted with Colombian Culture

This month in the Spanish classroom, the Elementary students have been exploring Colombian culture. We kick off each lesson with a mini virtual field trip, traversing the expansive Caribbean Sea to arrive in some of the country’s most important cities, such as Cali and Cartagena. So far students have sunk their teeth into Colombian arepas, toured a coffee farm in the mountains, and enjoyed a professional salsa dance performance – all thanks to Google! 

In addition to our virtual jaunts, students have also been able to make many real-life connections between Colombian culture and life in Cayman. Several students excitedly shared that they have sampled the delicious arepas from the Arepa 345 food truck across from Cost-U-Less (although these are actually Venezuelan-style arepas)! Some students also shared that their parents enjoy salsa dancing, while others were interested by how Colombian coffee is exported internationally and is available for purchase here in Cayman’s supermarkets. And, of course, we cannot forget about the wildly popular Disney movie set in Colombia – Encanto! These real-life Colombian connections made our lessons all the more relevant and resonant, and truly brought our Spanish language studies to life!

There is still much more to explore of this beautiful country. We are excited to continue learning about life in Colombia while making more connections to our own community.  

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