Upper Elementary Celebrate Shakespeare – Photo Gallery

This week, the young thespians of Upper Elementary students got a chance to shine onstage at the Prospect Playhouse as they participated in a wonderful Shakespeare Drama Workshop under the expert guidance of Ms. Kirsty Sullivan and the Royal Shakespeare Company.

There was an abundance of laughs as the students enthusiastically expressed themselves and played their parts in wonderful, lively skits and theatrical exercises. The workshop got rave reviews from the children:

It was a lot of fun. A great way to evolve the language in such a different way!

It was a lot of fun to be on the big stage.

I really enjoyed getting on to the stage. I liked doing different parts of the play and not the whole thing. 

The teachers were very encouraging. Some of the words were hard to pronounce!

It was fun, amazing. It was different experiencing drama in a different way. I’ve never read Shakespeare before.

It was great to exaggerate the words, to change expression and to move our bodies. 

What an experience to be on a stage so big!

Thank you, Ms. Kirsty and the Royal Shakespeare Company for helping all of us discover the beauty of the Bard’s words through drama!

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