UPDATED: Representing with Pride at the Inter-Primary Track Meet

This year, we were unsure if the Inter-Primary Athletics Meet would go ahead due to pandemic-related precautions and restrictions. The children and I were overjoyed when it was finally given approval to take place, albeit later than usual in the school year.

There is something exciting and special about getting to put on your school’s shirt and represent your school, and hearing your school’s name being announced and cheered for over the intercom system. There are not many large-scale sporting events or meets for primary-aged students to take part in, so the Inter-Primary Athletics Meet is always a welcome opportunity for the children to celebrate sports and the amazing athleticism of the human body.

Elementary students in Grades 2 through 5 represented MBTS in a variety of events, including 80m, 100m, 100m, long jump and 800 m. Being part of the Inter-Primary Athletics Meet provides children the opportunity to take part in a formal meet and see the high caliber of talent and skill in the Cayman Islands in one of the biggest sports of the Caribbean. During the meet, the children observe students in different age divisions compete; this in turn naturally provides numerous opportunities to learn, be inspired, and to lead.

Preparing for and participating in the meet offers so much more to the children than the requisite athletic and sports benefits of track and field sports. The experience enables children to practice their self-management and organizational skills and to act as ambassadors of the school while being in a mix of 600 other students in the stands. Of course, a trip to the ice cream truck is definitely the highlight of everyone’s day!

Once again, thank you so much to the children for their sportsmanship, spirit and hard work, and to all of the parents who supported the event!

– Ms. Karen, Physical Education Teacher

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