Nature as Inspiration in Music

April is a busy time in Music, as we prepare for the spring concert. Nevertheless, we always continue to find time to explore our creativity, and to find to ways to express love and care for our planet.

Nature is such wonderful inspiration for music, whether it is creating music to sound like different types of weather, or using nature’s materials to create instruments.

In Casa, nature and animals have been inspiring students in their Arioso puppet shows. Students sing and act with their puppets, exploring their voices, as they journey through the forest and interact with other animals and each other.

In Toddler, we make use of plenty of recycled materials to enhance our lessons. From drums made from coffee tubs to the many uses of paper plates, there are so many alternative ways to make music with materials. Some of our favourite activities involving paper plates in Music Class include choreographed, and unchoreographed movement activities to music, using them as steering wheels during movement songs and activities, and when they are a little bit older – paper-plate ice skating to music!  

In the spirit of reusing materials – perhaps you have something at home that can be re-purposed as a musical instrument? A small plastic container, such as a spice jar, could be turned into a shaker by filling it half-way with uncooked rice or lentils. A tissue box can be turned into a guitar with different size elastic bands stretching over the hole. A large plastic tub can be turned into a drum. Cardboard or plastic tubes of different lengths can become boomwhackers. The options for creating musical instruments at home are plentiful!  

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