Learning to Compost

The Toddlers are learning how to compost! Ms. Jess recently signed up with Cayman Compost and started the exciting journey of composting. Her compost will be picked up twice a month by the company and in exchange she receives 1 gallon of compost tea! The plants in our Toddler Garden will be SO excited about this!

This inspired us to start composting in the Toddler classroom!

This is such an amazing hands-on opportunity for our children to learn about conservation. All this took was one presentation during morning circle time and the children have been placing their fruit peels and snack leftovers in our compost bowl ever since.

If someone accidentally throws their peel in the garbage, our compost police will politely inform them of their wrongdoing! HAHAHA!

Ms. Jess takes home our classroom compost every afternoon to be added to her provided compost bin.

What Are the Benefits of Composting?

  • Enriches soil, helping retain moisture and suppress plant diseases and pests. This can be especially beneficial if you have a school or community garden.
  • Reduces the need for chemical fertilizers.
  • Encourages the production of beneficial bacteria and fungi that break down organic matter to create humus, a rich nutrient-filled material.
  • Reduces methane emissions from landfills and lowers your carbon footprint.
  • In addition to the benefits to a garden, composting reduces waste. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency estimates that composting can reduce the amount of waste sent to landfills by as much as 24%.

If your family is interested in composting at home, consider contacting Cayman Compost at 345-939-0341 or caymancompost@gmail.com.

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