¡Vamos a Colombia!

This month in the MBTS Spanish classroom, Upper Elementary students had the opportunity to celebrate Colombian culture in authentic fashion. In the weeks leading up to the celebration, we kicked off each lesson by embarking on ‘mini field trips,’ learning about the country’s most emblematic attributes, such as arepas, Cumbia, coffee farms, and the Medellín flower fair.

The culmination of this study led us back to a movie with which many of the students are familiar – Encanto. It is a Disney animated movie which showcases a magical Colombian family and accurately depicts many cultural elements within their community. The students had fun pointing out these details: the sillateros worn by the flower farmers, the healing arepas prepared by Maribel’s mom, and not to mention, the ever-present espresso cups…

And of course, it wouldn’t be a proper celebration without food. Gracias a Spoons, Cayman’s Colombian restaurant at Merengue Plaza, the students were able to each try both an arepa and an empanada – riquísimas! All in all, it was a fun way to explore a Spanish-speaking country without leaving the island. Let’s see where we travel next! Hasta la próxima!

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