Words of Courage from the Grade 3s

Nelson Mandela once said that courage is not the absence of fear but the triumph over it.

As our third-grade students approach the end of their time in Lower Elementary, this is a quote they can carry close to their hearts as they navigate the changes that lay before them.

When we asked some of our Grade Three students what courage means to them in the face of change; these were their responses:

“Courage means doing something that you’re afraid of. I’m not afraid of the change of moving to Upper Elementary and being in a new classroom. I won’t see my friends and teachers every day but because I have courage, I will be okay! I will make new friends and new teachers in my new, amazing, awesome and fun adventure.”

“I will miss my teachers and friends! The classroom will be so different in Upper Elementary and there will be so many new faces. I know it’s going to be hard but hard is not impossible. I will make new friends and I know it won’t be so bad even if I miss Lower Elementary. Mel Robbins said that if you have courage to start, you have courage to succeed and I just can’t wait to start!

Having courage doesn’t mean that we don’t get afraid, it means that we don’t let that fear we are feeling stop us or slow us down from experiencing new and exciting things in life.

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