A Few of Our Favourite Things…

The end of the year is always an ideal time for reflection and to celebrate the joys of our year together. The students of LED took a little time to reflect on their favourite moments and memories from this school year:

My proudest moment was when I learned sentence analysis.  My best memory is when we did the school picture and also when we did our valentine’s bucket filling.” – A.A.

My favourite memory was when we had a Halloween party.  I enjoyed it because it was fun and we did a lot of arts and crafts.  My costume was a penguin.” – G.M.

My greatest school trip this year was when we went to plant the mangroves because we helped the Earth and it was pretty fun.” – J.S.

My proudest moment this year was when a few of the Grade 1s started looking up to me. It felt good because I felt trusted.” – I.W.

My favourite memory with my friends is when we won capture the flag against Upper Elementary. It was great because it was my first time winning against Upper Elementary.” – A.S.

My proudest memory is when I did my first lesson in Grade 1. My first lesson was the Small Bead Frame.” – H.G.

My funniest memory from this school year was when [a friend] did a British accent and we all laughed. I made some new friends this year.” – R.M.

My favourite memory from this year is being with my best friends.” – A.N.

My proudest moment was when I figured out Ms. Zoe was pregnant.” – C.S.H.

My happiest memory was when we came to school on Halloween and everyone did a photo shoot together and got to show off their costumes.” – J.F.

My proudest moment was when I learnt Long Division.  My happiest moment was when I figured out my best friend was in the same class as me.” – R.B.

On reflection, my best outdoor activity was P.E. I like P.E because I have the best teacher. PS she is also pregnant.”– P.L.

My proudest moment is when I learned BEDMAS.”  – D.T.

My favourite memory was when Martin Keeley came and brought the shark. It was fun because we got to go  inside the shark.” – S.L.

“My favourite memory was my birthday.” – C.M.

My greatest school trip was when we went to go and plant mangroves with Martin Keeley.  My favourite memory was when I made friends with R.” – R.L.

My proudest moment was when I became part of the 24 spelling group.  My favourite new skill is dictionary work, I also enjoyed BEDMAS.”  – A.L.M.

On reflection, my favourite memory this year was doing the Shark Tank project.  I enjoyed it because I thought that it was really cool that we could make our own product.” – A.S.

My favourite memory was reading Junie B. Jones at silent reading.  I like Junie B. Jones because it is very funny.” – C.D.

 “I loved when we went to plant the mangroves!” – S.M.

My favourite outdoor activity was when we did the sketches of nature in the playground.” – V.U.

My favourite thing in Montessori was meeting new teachers and new friends.” – P.K.

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