Community Spirit in Toddler

“There is a great sense of community within the Montessori classroom, where children of differing ages work together in an atmosphere of cooperation rather than competitiveness. There is respect for the environment and for the individuals within it, which comes through experience of freedom within the community.”

– Dr. Maria Montessori 

Community Spirit is alive and well in the Toddler Classroom! 

This last term the Lower Elementary children have been volunteering their time during the morning to come over to the Toddler Garden to help the children. There is a signup sheet outside the gate that is set out each week and the Lower Elementary children pick their day and sign up for their turn. The older children offer helping hands, play games with the children, assist with the morning routines, and even help the Toddler teachers prepare the indoor environment for the day. Both age groups delight in the opportunity to spend time with each other. The Elementary Volunteer program provides a learning opportunity for the older children to mentor the younger children and a chance for the Toddlers to build relationships outside their age group.  

As part of our Toddler Practical Life Curriculum, the children make flower arrangements for the classroom. The children go on small morning walks with the teachers to collect wildflowers from the school property for this activity. The children have taken it one step further and now like to deliver the arrangements to replenish the flowers in the school office. The children take such pride in their work and enjoy the community visits with the administrative team. These organic teachable moments foster growth and community spirit within our school. 

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