Sharing the Love of Music

The Music Room is a wonderful place to be all year round, but it feels extra special in June.  

Throughout the year, Casa students build up different musical skills through a range of activities. When we reach the end of May and June, they are well adapted to exploring and using their skills, so we begin centres. These are a great way of students directing their own learning and exploring their own musical interests, as they choose which activities they would like to work with and enjoy. There is nothing more heart-warming than hearing a student sing a book independently, watching students choose to work together to keep the beat with a hula hoop, or sing and play together with puppets.  

Elementary students have the opportunity to present a musical performance to their classmates, independently, or with friends. It is so wonderful for students to get to share things that they are learning or have created themselves, whether they are learning inside or outside of school. It is a time that all students really enjoy, as we can all appreciate the hard work that goes into each and every performance.

We have many dedicated and talented students at our school, and it is a pleasure to hear them make music. I hope that they will continue to take advantage of the musical and performance opportunities that come their way in the future. 

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