Best Apps and Websites to Use at Home

Teachers are often asked, “how can I help my child at home?” or “what websites do you recommend?” While parents are often on the constant quest to reduce screen time, controlled use of educational websites and apps can often motivate your child to engage with a topic they may find challenging or do not enjoy.

Children often struggle to sit down and do ‘extra’ work with their parents and it can sometimes lead to conflict, which is why websites and apps may be more motivational to use at home. With this in mind, you may find the apps and websites below useful to use outside of the classroom and many allow free trials. 


Reading Eggs: For ages 2-13. A highly interactive, fun, and rewarding website and app for children that starts at the reading level of your child. Reading Eggspress is the partner website for older students. Children love the reward system and enjoy using their ‘eggs’ to buy items for their avatars or house.  

Jolly Phonics: For ages 3-6. This program is often used in schools and the app allows the young learner to practise letters and sounds in a multi-sensory way. 

Nessy: Ages 3-11 but more suited for early years. While this program is aimed at children with dyslexia, other children enjoy the fun games and rewards while practising phonics. 

Mathletics: For Early learners to Secondary age children: This website provides the right level of challenge to help your child grow, gain confidence, and achieve their best in maths.  

Times Table Rockstars: The name says it all. Trying to get your child to practise their times tables can be challenging but this website really allows your child to have fun while practicing their times tables. 

Mathseed: For ages 2-13. This is the partner website/app to Reading Eggs and is useful in helping learn essential maths in a fun and motivational way. 

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