Creative Sparks in ICT

A new year has begun and things are off and running in the ICT lab. Our Kindergarten students have been introduced to our lab computers. They are learning how to navigate using the mouse and keyboard. We enjoy our time playing simple skill-building games and practicing the various skills needed to control the computers.

In Lower Elementary, we have been reviewing and looking at aspects of the computer as well as how to search more efficiently for things on the internet. We have been reintroducing coding and typing as well. Some of our students also made a little poster titled “All About Me.”

In the Upper Elementary classes, we are starting to look at PowerPoint and how to improve our presentations. Over the course of this term, all the students will be engaged in a series of projects from animations to photo and video editing. It should be a great time to see the creative spark that the students can bring to the ICT world. Looking forward to another great year!

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