Help Me to Help Myself: A Montessori Philosophy of Independence

Each time a child completes a task independently, it lights a spark inside them! They feel confident and happy, which challenges them to try more things on their own. The more our children can do by themselves, the more it benefits them moving forward.

The magic happens when teachers/guides/parents step aside and observe the children figuring things out for themselves. This will create a child who LIKES to do things independently and builds confidence to complete more tasks without being guided or told what to do. 

As guides, we observe and follow your child and ensure that they are safe, but then we step back and witness how far they can jump, how heavy an object they can carry, or how they delight in climbing up the outdoor ramp without assistance. These are just a few examples from a day in the life of a toddler!


Let’s keep encouraging our children to make a mess and clean up after themselves. Let’s foster self-care in daily tasks like putting on socks and shoes, brushing teeth, or choosing an outfit to wear for the day. The benefits a child will gain with the Montessori philosophy of “help me to help myself” will last a lifetime! 

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