Story-Based Language Learning

The kick-off to Term 1 Spanish has been a joyous and creative one as students return to their favorite songs and routines, while also engaging in new, personalized language learning techniques. The Spanish program at MBTS is story-based, meaning that all language is presented immersively in the context of a story with effective visuals and deliberate repetition. The stories are paired with relevant songs, games, and activities. 

Grades 5-6 have co-created classroom stories through the story-asking method. They are provided the structure of the story, completely in Spanish, made comprehensible through actions, visuals, and repetitions in context. Then, they customize the details and characters until we arrive at a logical ending. I assemble books and each student has the opportunity to illustrate the book we created. We do various activities with the text such as matching, re-enactment, and games. 

Grades 2-4 have had the opportunity to try out a new curriculum: Sonrisas. This is a story-based curriculum that promotes language exploration through movement, art, and partner time. So far, we have read stories about fall (el otoño) and winter (el invierno). We are also reviewing all parts of the calendar, establishing a daily lesson routine that all students are eager to assist in. 

Casa and Grade 1: Kindergarten and Grade 1 are immersed in the Buenos Días story, featuring Pepita, our classroom character. We have practiced greetings through storytelling, re-enactment, and activities with manipulatives. The 1st and 2nd years are learning about La Granja (the farm) through the story “Buenos Días Granja.” These levels are also establishing a calendar routine featuring days of the week and weather structures. 

Farm Bingo

Toddler: Toddler has been an absolute blast. We sing songs in Spanish and interact with the farm animals and colored fish. The children are engaged and ready to learn! I am so excited to see how much we can learn together this year!

Sorpresa! Mystery Farm Animal

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