“Kicking Off” Invasion Games in PE

It has been an exciting start to PE this year! Even through the heat and rainstorms, Mr. Senna and the children have pushed on and made the most of each lesson. Let’s take a peek at the skills and activities that each group is working on!

The Toddler students have had their first PE lesson of the year where they worked on building classroom routines. They also got to try some fun new games with Mr. Senna.

In Casa, the 1st and 2nd years have been practicing a wide variety of fundamental units. In addition to this, they also enjoy playing games!

In Kindergarten, the children have been developing coordination through a variety of physical tasks and games.

Lastly, Grades 1-6 are well into their Invasion Games unit, a favorite amongst many of the students. So far, this has included the sports of Football and Rugby. Several Lower Elementary students have taken their Invasion game practice a step further by joining the after-school football club with Ms. Kate.

It has been a great start to Term 1 and we look forward to seeing students progress and have fun with Mr. Senna.

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