Ms. Mia for St. Baldrick’s

As a teacher and mother, children are my life. Watching them grow and thrive brings me joy beyond measure and hope for the future. No child should be robbed of their health or life by cancer, and the stress and heartbreak endured by their families is absolutely inconceivable.

I am shaving my hair to collect donations for the St Baldrick’s foundation to help in the fight against childhood cancer. Although I am motivated to go bald on behalf of all children, there will be one specific person in my heart as the razor buzzes on September 30th (and forever) – Kai Parham, my former student, and friend.

Kai Parham

St. Baldrick’s is the largest non-government funder of childhood cancer research grants, so your donation “on my head” will actually save lives. Cancer kills more of our kids than any other disease. Research can change that, and I don’t want to let these kids down.

To my Montessori by the Sea community:

Please join me to show your moral and monetary support as I get my head shaved in the back playground at 3:30 on Friday, September 30th!!! It would be great if you could bring cash donations to the event, or you can donate online by following this link: .

Let’s seize this opportunity to show our children that we are a community that cares and that they too have the power to make individual choices that can make a difference in the world.

Thank you so much!

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