Super Specialties

A Contribution from Grade 6 Students Noelle Goddard and Amelie Mungall

What are specialties? Every day at school students have specialties. Students from Toddler to Grade 6, partake in PE, Music, and Spanish. ICT starts in Kindergarten and continues through Grade 6, while Art/Drama starts in Grade 1 and continues through Grade 6. We invite you for an inside look at specialty lessons in action.

Physical Education

When we entered this specialty, students were playing a warm-up game. The warm-up game depends on what unit they are in. We interviewed a few Casa students, and Abigail said, “Mr. Senna is good and helps us learn.”


Singing and playing instruments are all done in music. These activities raise your spirits and make you want to dance. Andie from Casa proclaimed, “Mr. Laurie is nice and a great singer.” Two students from Lower Elementary told us they have been practicing African drumming. Alexi and Stefano say, “Mr. Laurie is helpful, kind, and caring.”


In this class, students partake in different, fun activities to develop the skills of understanding the language. The work is full of fun and joy; like creating Spanish stories and singing Spanish songs. A Casa student named Orion says that the Spanish teacher, Ms. Kate, is nice, funny, and helpful.


This computer class teaches students to type, code, and much more. From Kindergarten to Grade 6, students have made many projects with Pivot, PowerPoint, and Word. We also occasionally play games. Alice and Livia from Lower Elementary say, “Mr. Aaron is helpful, encouraging, and nice.”


Ms. Bex is a very good art teacher. She introduces students to many different forms of art. For example, in Grade 6 we got to make tree frogs using glue, oil pastels, and acrylic paints. They turned out great and it was a fun project. Check out some of the other pieces made by MBTS students.

Every student young or old, big or small, looks forward to specialties every day with great enthusiasm and excitement.

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