The “New” Normal

Normalization is a word often used in a Montessori environment. In The Absorbent Mind, Dr Maria Montessori said, “Normalization is the single most important result of our work.” It refers to the process by which children become contributing members of their classroom, school and greater community, and is facilitated by the prepared environment. It points to a classroom environment where students are able to concentrate and work freely, exercising self-discipline and peace.

The Upper Elementary classroom is indeed a very special place, and we are delighted with how quickly the students have settled in to their “new” normal. For some it is a completely new environment and for others, a new grade with new faces, new opportunities, new expectations and new dynamics.

For all, normalization is well underway, as evidenced by the productivity of the children and the ease with which they have embraced change. The Grade 4 students are to be commended for embracing the ethos of the Upper Elementary environment, and we are excited to see what the rest of the year brings.

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