Fun Over Mid-Term Break

Breaks and holidays are wonderful opportunities for students to travel to new places, reconnect with friends and family, and pursue their personal hobbies. In this article, Grade 6 students share their favorite moments and memories from Mid-Term break.

“I went to one of my oldest friends laser tag birthday party. I met her friends from her current school and made new friends myself. I enjoyed myself a lot.”


“I read the “Heroes of Olympus” book series. I also got to see my friend Willow and I got a new bow for my violin.”


“I went snorkeling at Smith’s Cove and picked up fishing line stuck in rocks underwater. I also went to help out at the Humane Society.”


“I went on a trip to Florida with my family. There I played mini golf and went to Universal Studios for the horror night. I also went to Fun Spot America and played video games.”


“I practiced for my horse show! I also finished my favorite book, “Trials of Apollo.”


“I went bowling, visited the Cayman Turtle Centre, and touched a star fish at Star Fish Point.”


“I went to the Botanic Park and saw the new Children’s Garden. I also looked at the turtles.”


“I went to the Bahamas and stayed at Atlantis. I also finished reading Harry Potter, went to the Kimpton, and lastly, attended a friend’s birthday party.”


“I went to Florida and went on a rideable dragon. I also played football with my cousin.”


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