Moving Together in PE

Physical Education is a subject area that encourages team mentality and respect. MBTS students consistently practice and demonstrate this virtue through team games and activities. Read on to see what PE students have been up to in the month of October!

This month in PE, the Toddler group has begun to explore parachute games, a test of physical coordination and teamwork. It is fun to see them working toward a common goal!

Meanwhile, the 1st and 2nd year Casa groups are developing their agility skills through exciting tag games. As you can see from the photo, they are great sports and seem to be loving PE!

While the younger students work on agility and coordination, the older groups continue with invasion games, this month focusing on the sport of rugby. Lower Elementary students are practicing defending and attacking, both individually and as a team.

Upper Elementary is demonstrating enthusiasm and confidence on the rugby pitch. The photo shows Matteo zooming forward, with his teammates moving to support him. Grades 4-6 are also developing their attacking and defending principles.

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