Respect for the Planet in Upper El

Many of the students and parents at Montessori by The Sea are extremely environmentally aware and passionate about environmental issues. In Upper Elementary, we nurture and expand on this awareness through our after-school programs.

Our KidsCARE program acronym stands for Community, Awareness, and Respecting the Environment. Earlier in the year, the KidsCARE members collectively put together an application to The National Conservation Council as part of their ‘Call for Protected Area Nominations’. The students argued that the coastal area next to the Upper El classroom (a beauty spot that is visited by many birds and other wildlife) should be protected for future students of the school. In fact, just last week a rare American Golden Plover bird was spotted just outside the classroom! This term, our KidsCARE volunteers have already carried out a local beach clean-up, organised a community fundraiser, and supported the Toddler team in collecting trash from the beautiful mangroves which neighbour the school playground.

In addition to KidsCARE, nine of the schools’ oldest students are taking part in the MMUN after-school program this year. MMUN stands for Montessori Model United Nations. This program involves year-long classroom and after-school study, culminating in a UN simulation experience with students from all over the world (this year in New York).

The program builds on the students’ well-developed sense of respect for the environment and community. It provides an opportunity to learn more about cultures, governments, and peoples of nations throughout the world, fostering deeper respect and understanding.

The MMUN program expands students’ understanding of global issues and world problems and provides the opportunity to use their voices to suggest solutions. The program organisers believe that by helping young people to understand the world we live in, and by providing the structure for finding their voices, they will be able to create a better future for everyone

It certainly makes us feel positive about the future, knowing that our Montessori students will be out there, making the world a better place!

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