Respecting the Process in Spanish

The process of learning a second language involves patience, flexibility, and a great deal of respect. As learners, we must respect the native speakers of the language and their respective cultures. We must respect our teachers and those learning alongside us. And lastly, we must respect the time and diligence that learning a language implies, realizing it is okay to make mistakes and not know everything. 

At MBTS, I have been impressed by our students’ innate attitude of respect toward language learning, especially when it comes to peer interactions. Grades 3 and 4 took part in a speaking activity this week by asking each classmate if they liked certain seasonal activities and collecting signatures based on responses. I observed in both groups that students approached each other calmly and with confidence, demonstrating a level of mutual trust and respect. It may seem simple, but it’s of fundamental importance in the language classroom. Without it, a child may fear judgment and avoid participation. 

Young MBTS students also display this mutual respect. During Casa lessons, we often start our lessons by passing ‘El Pollito’ or some kind of talking piece, and each child shares in Spanish how they are feeling that day. It is wonderful to observe how the other children stop and listen to each response, granting their classmates the space to express themselves in the target language. I am so proud of our students for consistently demonstrating this respect. Go MBTS!

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