Grateful for Guests in Toddler

For the month of November, the Toddler Class has delighted in learning all about Transportation and Occupations. What do you want to be when you grow up? The Occupations theme is a fun way to explore different careers and connect with the people in Cayman who do a variety of jobs! We reached out to the community to invite different professionals to speak to our children. 

Our first visit was with the Royal Cayman Islands Police Officers who came to the school in their patrol car to talk to the children about their work in the Cayman Islands. This interactive visit included a call to Central on the Walkie-Talkie, wishing a “Good Morning” to the children of Montessori by The Sea. Then the Toddlers had a group discussion with the Officers learning about their uniforms, name tags, badges, baton, handcuffs, and walkie-talkies.  We finished off our visit by taking turns sitting in the police car and listening to the siren. At the end of the talk, the children knew the Police Officers work hard to keep our families safe, keep the roads safe, and to quote one of the Constables: “Stop the bad guys from stealing your cereal!” A huge shout out to the RCIPS for taking the time in their busy day to talk to the children about being Police Officers! 

Then, Mr. Laurie surprised us one morning by driving his motorcycle onto the playground and letting every toddler have a turn sitting on it!  We spoke about wearing a helmet and how important it is to keep safe while riding a motorcycle. 

Up next was Ben Tresidder, MBTS father and pilot, who came to speak to us about his occupation. Ben works for the Cayman Islands Mosquito and Research Control Unit and flies the red and white plane that swoops down over the island, protecting us from mosquitoes. He read the children a book about airplanes and played a video about his mosquito plane taking off and landing on the Cayman tarmac. Afterward, the children had the opportunity to try on his safety helmet.  

Finishing off our month of visits were Dr. Andrea and her assistant, Alan, from My Home Vet. Dr. Andrea spoke to us about being a veterinarian and told us about all the different animals she helps.  We even got the chance to listen to Sadie the dog’s heart with a stethoscope!

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