Planting Seeds of Gratitude in Art

Art sets the stage for children developing the seeds of gratitude, self-confidence, and empathy. By showing gratitude to each other we feel more positive about ourselves and begin to build deep friendships.  

We have been talking and sharing our thoughts about each other’s art using positive comments and learning to appreciate all different kinds of art.

Lower El has been busy creating some beautiful autumn one-point perspective pumpkin patches. They have also been working on splatter paint chalk turtles along with paper mâché apples (featured left). Here they can be seen shaping and molding their paper mâché.

Grades 4, 5, and 6 have been busy learning about the American artist Jim Dine and his famous paintbrushes. They made a composition of paintbrushes and drew them before adding their own personal Jim Dine touch which was splatter painting. This was great fun!

The Grade 4’s have crafted some beautiful tissue paper bowls. This was done by sticking pieces of tissue paper to a bowl covered in cling. 
The Grade 5’s have also been actively using paper mâché to mold their very own bugs (pictured left) before painting them with vibrant colors.

The Grade 6’s have been working on a Batik project. They each designed a picture which they drew onto a piece of material. Next, they went over the lines with glue before painting the material. With Batik you usually use very hot wax to go over the lines of your design, but we found another way to do this by using glue. We cannot wait to see the outcome. Watch this space!

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