The Future of Our Generation

Written by Jayne Brandson and Amelie Mungall

Do you remember when you were younger and dreamed of growing up to be a dinosaur or a fairy? We have surveyed some of the students at our amazing school and here are the heartwarming and imaginative ideas they gave us.

The Casa students have impressed us with their dreams. We are so excited to share them with you!

Casa 1

O’rion: A paramedic because they help people when they are sick or hurt.

Samuel: I want to be an astronaut so I can explore space.

Skye: A gymnast because it’s fun.

Ellie: An elf because I want to be magical.

Casa 2

Emma: A vet because they help animals.

Mackenzie: A police officer because they keep people safe.

Lower Elementary students have inspired us with their hopes for the future. Here they are in their own words: 

Lower Elementary Downstairs

Alice LM: A conservationist because I like animals.

Stefano: I want to be a musician just like Queen.

Penny: I want to train horses and be a violinist.

Lower Elementary Upstairs

Alice C: A vet because I want to help animals.

Mac: A band member because I like singing and playing the drums.

Alexi: An engineer because I like building stuff. 

Livi: A horse riding teacher because I’m good at it.

We’ve taken you from Casa to Lower El, but have you met our fellow Upper El classmates? Here is what they hope to become in the future. 

Upper Elementary

Matteo: Basketball player because of my passion for sports.

Bodhi: One of those coffee makers in England because then I will get to meet interesting people every day.

Juliann: Architect because I love to see my ideas come to life.

Caio: A lawyer because my dad is a lawyer. 

Brooke: An Olympic horse eventer because I have already dedicated my life to horses.

These are only SOME of our students’ incredible dreams for the future. Thank you to all the students that participated.

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