Infectious Joy in LED

The LED class has been excitedly counting down the days until the festive season—the season of joy! Together we decorated our class Christmas Tree, each adding a bauble that contained a Christmas message of love, happiness, peace, and joy.  We actively discussed what it means to be joyful. Children were quick to use words like happy, excited, and grateful.  We found the dictionary definition of joy, “a feeling of great pleasure and happiness”. 

We also talked about how joy can be infectious and if your mood is joyful, it can cause others to feel joyful too.  In fact, it is proven that being joyful is good for your health!  Good mood boosts help us remain healthy in our minds and bodies! 

As a class, we reflected on what brings us joy. We realized that we can find joy in the smallest of things, like a bedtime story, and also in significant events in our lives like birthdays and Christmas!  Each child was invited to create their own Christmas Tree containing a reflection of joy. 

Some things that make LED feel JOYFUL: 

  • Spending time with horses 
  • Football!  
  • Art 
  • Going on rollercoasters 
  • Playing with puppies 
  • My family 
  • Elf on the shelf 
  • Decorating the Christmas tree with my family 
  • Playing with friends 
  • Drawing 
  • The lights on the Christmas tree

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