A Season of Very Merry Matches

December has been an exciting month of development and competition for our PE students at MBTS. From Christmas-themed tag games to Inter-School sports, all the way to sailing competitions, our students have shown great enthusiasm in their physical endeavors.

At the beginning of this month Grades 3-6 had the opportunity to represent MBTS in the Cayman Islands Tag Rugby Festival. The event took place at the Rugby Club in South Sound, where schools from all around the island gathered to compete. The students were led by Mr. Senna, with the assistance of Mr. Aaron and some parent volunteers. A special shoutout goes to both Rider M. (Grade 2) and Matteo L. (Grade 5) for being awarded Player of the Tournament in their respective age groups. Well done to all of the students for their hard work and excellent sportsmanship!

Meanwhile, in a more nautical arena, our Grade 6 student, Jayne B, competed in the Inter-Schools Sailing Race last week. She did a wonderful job on the water and representing our school!

Back on the MBTS campus, there has been great progress in skills and teamwork across grade levels. Check out what each student group has been working at this month!

If you are looking for examples of joy on the MBTS campus, look no further than the Toddler classroom on the PE court! This month our Toddler group has enjoyed a variety of Christmas tag games with Mr. Senna. We love to see their happy movements and joyful faces!

In the Casa program, we have seen a great deal of development on both individual and team levels. The First Years have been engaged in agility games, fine-tuning their movements and exploding out with speed. The Second Years are focusing on balancing tasks, including their favorite activity — ‘Gorillas’. Rounding out the Casa groups, Kindergarten has enjoyed playing Mr. Senna’s many exciting Christmas team games.

Grades 1 and 2 have done a great job of finishing up their netball and basketball unit. They have improved remarkably in their dribbling and shooting skills as well as in their communication.

Grades 3-6, as mentioned, were busy preparing and playing the in the Cayman Island Tag Rugby Festival. They did a wonderful job of representing our school and demonstrating their hard-earned Rugby skills they had practiced earlier in the year. When they weren’t blitzing and ‘trying’ up and down the pitch, they were finishing up their netball and basketball unit. Well done, MBTS athletes!

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