Drumroll for Drama

Drama classes are a great way for children to have fun and explore their creativity in a safe environment. Drama classes can help bring children out of their shell. As well as using games and role play to boost their confidence, children will learn collaboration, leadership, presentation and communication skills that will help them throughout their lives.

This term we are looking at building a story by using different objects, being creative, and most importantly, working together as a team. We have been creating scenes through improvisation and role play. The students have enjoyed becoming reporters and reporting some rather extraordinary news to their friends. Some new stories have included, “A Girl Trapped in Candy Land” and “A Flying Cucumber in Times Square.”

We had great fun moving a beanbag around the circle. The catch is–you can only use your feet! Through this game we learnt that disagreements can only be resolved when people work together and when we cooperate everything runs smoothly.  

Through drama games, warm up techniques, and learning how to make a simple word like ‘Spaghetti’ sound rather extraordinary, we have leapt into drama this term with lots of enthusiasm, creativity and fun! 

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