What Peace Means to LEU

Maria Montessori said, “Peace is what every human being is craving, and it can be brought about through the humanity of a child!”

To each individual, peace means something different; 

To some, peace is being quiet and caring for friends or family, 

To others, peace can be as simple as hearing the animals sing and singing to nature in return. 

When we asked some of the students in LEU what peace means to them these were the responses, we received… 

“I find peace with my cat and when everyone is outside. I find peace when I’m with my friends at school.” -Shrubbhavi Choudhary. 

Peace Artwork by Elise Schreiner

“To me, Peace means singing a song and breathing deeply. It means listening to music and reading a book. Peace is calm and relaxing!” -Sofia Sibiril. 

Peace Artwork by Layla Hawkes

“I find peace on a horse; I find peace outside. I find peace in daily meditation.” -Livia Correia 

Peace begins simply with a smile! 

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