Expressing Love Through Creativity

The LED class enjoyed sharing the love this month through the form of giving.  We took time to understand and appreciate the meaning of love and what it is to be loved.  Each child was invited to decorate their own heart to represent what love means to them. Examples included being with family and friends, making someone smile, helping a friend in need, or sharing something as simple as a hug. 

We were very grateful for Ms. Michelle’s wonderful shout-out initiative this month. The LED class was very eager to send notes to their fellow classmates, friends, teachers, and siblings, posting them through the designated letterbox!  The children also enjoyed creating their own Valentine’s cards to share with their loved ones. Using only paper and glue, the children created these very effective 3D cards which give the illusion of roses.  Using their patience and fine motor skills, they rolled the paper tightly before gently unwinding to create this beautiful effect. The children were very proud of their work and enjoyed complimenting the work of their friends too! 

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