Love Through Leadership

It has been a lovely month in PE with LOTS of love being shared in our subject.

Firstly, our Grade 5 and 6 students have shown a tremendous amount of love for our younger students. Last week they demonstrated leadership by guiding Casa and Lower Elementary students through Sports Day activities. Their encouragement and assistance allowed our school community to enjoy their day to the fullest. They were also a big help in keeping our student body safe throughout the various events. We are grateful for their kindness, patience, and mentorship.

Another example of love within the PE classroom was the amount of cheering that took place during Sports Week. Each and every one of our MBTS students rooted for their teams and peers with a huge amount of positive passion.

Lastly, we are VERY excited to share the love again with the return of a very familiar face. This week we warmly welcome Ms. Karen back into her PE role. We are all thrilled and excited for the children to share everything they have been learning this year with her and wish Ms. Karen a lovely return to school.

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