Destined for the Screen

It has been a wonderful month of learning in ICT with many exciting projects on the go. The Lower Elementary students have been learning all about PowerPoint and digital art. In a demonstration of their learning, Grade 2 students have created ‘All About Me’ presentations which have inspired great creativity and personalization. It’s a great way for students to showcase their interests and learn about those of their friends!

Alodie’s ‘All About Me’ PowerPoint

In the Upper Elementary groups, we are learning to edit photos and move objects from one picture to another. This is always fun and sparks increasingly innovative results! Grade 6 have just finished editing their videos and soon it will be time to debut them on our big screen!

Introducing Matteo Jordan

Going forward children can look forward to applying this year’s programming curriculum to some very substantial projects. Lower Elementary will be creating animations and stories, while in Upper Elementary, we will focus on interactive games.

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