Lessons in Grace and Courtesy

At Montessori By The Sea, our classrooms are focused on the development of the whole child, and we strive to create an environment where children are taught the importance of moral behaviors and attitudes.  The Montessori Grace and Courtesy curriculum is an integral tool for teaching children the importance of integrity and honesty, and how to be a good member of our classroom community.  Through facilitated conversations and formal Grace and Courtesy lessons, we create situations where the children can begin to understand and appreciate these values for themselves.   

Teachers will give Grace and Courtesy lessons based on their observations of what is going on in the environment throughout the day, week, month, and year.  In these situations, we speak directly and clearly and give the children an opportunity to see how they might choose to behave if a similar situation were ever to arise again.  We also model appropriate behavior and give the children the language for appropriate social and problem-solving skills. 

These lessons allow our students to feel supported in recovering from any mistakes they may have made.  Many times, children will choose not to be truthful because they wish to avoid an unpleasant consequence, or because they feel guilt and shame about their actions.  However, we can help children understand that they can be truthful, that they can tell us anything, and that we will not react with anger to their honesty.  In fact, we appreciate their honesty, and understand that mistakes are amazing opportunities to learn!  As they develop, children will learn more from their mistakes than their successes!  

In working to demonstrate and articulate the importance of integrity and honesty, we are nurturing and developing a respectful community in which children can thrive. 

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