Toddlers Taste the Rainbow

Offering children a variety of foods helps to build a more encompassing diet, one that is balanced in nutrition.  Different foods offer a range of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. The more foods your toddler eats, the more likely they are to meet their nutritional requirements.  In the Toddler class, the children have many opportunities throughout the school year to try new and exciting foods.   

One way we introduce new foods to the Toddlers is during our “Fruit and Vegetable Basket” each Friday.  Families are invited to bring in a fruit or vegetable of their choice to add to our harvest basket.  During Group Time we introduce each item, giving a mini-lesson along the way.  We discuss where and how the item grows, we guess what color it will be on the inside, and whether or not it will have seeds.  It is always a great surprise when the food is cut open to reveal the answers!  These fruit and vegetables are then served during snack and the Toddlers are excited to finally have the opportunity to try the new food! 

During the month of “Our World” theme, our snacks sometimes reflect the countries we are focusing on.  Snacks such as edamame, croissants, and sushi have been served in the past and were well-received by the Toddlers!  Parents are always invited to bring in food from their home countries/cultures as well to share. This year we sampled Caymanian Cassava cakes and Turkish Asure – both of which were huge hits! 

Finally, on our Practical Life shelves, we rotate through multiple Food Preparation activities throughout the year.  These activities teach the toddlers the beginning stages of preparing food for themselves and allows them to try new foods.  Activities include: Peeling (hard-boiled eggs, oranges, edamame), Slicing (banana, melon, avocado, cucumber), Spreading (butter, jam), and Juicing (orange juice & lemon water). 

As the children grow and develop their food preferences it is helpful to continue introducing different foods with a variety of textures, flavors, and colors. We see this daily with our children’s thoughtful and lovingly prepared lunches. Keep up the good work and continue fostering your child’s healthy eating habits for life. 

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