Keep Calm & Eat Baleadas

Perseverance is of the utmost importance when it comes to learning a second language. It is a long road and progress can sometimes feel painfully slow. That being said, it’s important to be kind to yourself, celebrating your successes and failures along the way. Grades 5 and 6 students had the opportunity to celebrate in a delicious way before Spring Break with Baleadas. 

Both student groups spent two weeks learning the ingredients and preparation styles of this traditional Honduran meal. We also enjoyed learning about the country, including its geography, flag, and capital. It was particularly special hearing about the family traditions of several MBTS students whose parents and grandparents are from Honduras. Brooke’s family brought in topogigios, a frozen ice cream-like treat, and Abigayle’s family brought in taquitos. Gracias por la comida deliciosa!

topogigio (or charamusca)

The baleadas were prepared by Spoons, a Colombian restaurant in Merengue Town Plaza that also serves Honduran cuisine. Students had the opportunity to try a baleada sencilla (tortilla, bean, and cheese), or a baleada con carne molida (all that is in a secilla plus ground beef). 

The baleadas received raving reviews from the students. We enjoyed them while watching a Netflix series on street food in Latin America. The episode we saw took place in Oaxaca, Mexico. It was interesting to compare our Honduran street-style meal with that of Mexico. We noted many similar ingredients and preparation styles. 

This food event served two purposes. Firstly, it allowed us the opportunity to learn about the culture and cuisine of a country that is very relevant given its proximity to Cayman and the large community of Hondureños here. Secondly, it allowed us to celebrate the small steps we are taking toward proficiency in a second language. It is not easy! But our students are persevering and moving in the right direction!

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