Persistent in Our Planet’s Preservation

In celebration of Earth Day on April 22nd, Casa 1 has been exploring our monthly theme of, “Our Precious Planet: Keeping our Planet Green”.  We have filled our work and Art shelves with many activities that explore this theme.  The children have enjoyed “sorting” through cards of various trash items and placing them in their proper bins of “RECYCLE”, “COMPOST”, “RE-USE” and “GARBAGE”.  They have eagerly flipped the pages of a booklet with images of “12 Things Made from Empty Milk Jugs”, and are amazed at the bird feeder, watering can, and beautiful earrings.  The Art shelf has also been particularly busy this month, as the children have created beautiful watercolor paintings of our planet Earth, and constructed very unique pieces made from re-used items. 

We have also put all of our “Earth Day” concepts into practice with daily trips outside to the MBTS Recycling and Compost bins.  The children have loved their trips outdoors during the Work Cycle to sort all of the items and place them into the correct bin.  They have also bravely held their noses as the compost bin lid is lifted to empty out our classroom compost—all in the name of protecting our precious planet! 

Maria Montessori expressed it the best by saying, “The land is where our roots are.  The children must be taught to feel and live in harmony with the Earth.” 

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