Standing Firm in Friction

This term the LED classroom turned into a testing lab filled with questions, experiments, and endless investigation as we explore the wonder of Forces and Motion! The benefits of children participating in Science activities are endless.  Children can learn through experimentation, trial, and error, improve their skills of observation and learn how to analyze and synthesize the results.  So far, the LED class has designed its own experiments to test friction. Experiments include racing cars on different surfaces to test which surface has the most/least friction. Other students decided to explore weight and the effect it has on friction, for example, which will roll down a ramp faster? A pencil or a water bottle? In small groups, the children have planned their ‘Science Investigation’ using the following questions and pointers. 

  • Research Question – ‘Which material causes the most friction?’
  • Which parts of the experiment will be kept the same?
  • Which parts of the experiment will change?
  • What equipment will we need?
  • What do we predict will happen?

Throughout the rest of the term, we will be exploring Air Resistance, Water Resistance, Gravity, Buoyancy, and Magnetism, using a similar template to conduct our own experiments and research!  We look forward to sharing further findings with you later on in the term!

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