Courageous Creation

Creating art can be a very courageous act and one way we can help cultivate courage in children and ourselves. 

Creating art can be extremely scary as it requires a willingness to bare one’s soul. We can feel exposed, but as terrifying as making art or participating in art making can be, the exhilaration of the process can be its own reward. 

Encourage exploration. 

Encourage experimentation. 

Let your mind wonder. 

Make space to create. 

Talk about art. 


Mistakes are just ‘Happy Accidents.’ 

Lower Elementary Art 

‘Hen on the Farm’ – acrylic paint and oil pastel 

Robin Mead Art – marker pen, watercolor, oil pastel 

Berths Morisot Flower Bouquet – acrylic paint 

Upper Elementary Art 

Blossom Tree – acrylic paint, tin foil 

Koi Fish – acrylic paint 

Flip Flops – acrylic paint 

Pop Art – Paper Collage 

Swimmer – Watercolor 

Cezanne fruit bowl – various mediums 

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