A Year of Transformation in the Toddler Class

At this point in the school year, it is always such a joy to reflect on all that our students have accomplished since September.  In just 10 short months, the toddlers have transformed into independent, perseverant, and empathetic members of their community.  They not only care for themselves but also care for each other, making sure that sad friends are comforted and injured friends get assistance. 

The toddlers tidy up after themselves, making sure the classroom stays clean and safe for everyone.  Our classroom is brightened daily with floral arrangements created by freshly harvested flowers.  And the community never goes hungry with the amount of food preparation that is performed and shared with the group. 

With a carefully prepared environment and gentle guidance from their teachers and classmates, our toddlers have been able to grow into the miniature version of the adult they will become. 

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